15+ 10-Minute High-Protein Lunch Recipes for Weight Loss

Whether or not weight loss is your goal, these balanced meals are great for helping you stay full, satisfied and energized at lunchtime. Every serving has 575 calories or less and provides at least 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving to help you feel fuller after your meal. Additionally, preparing or packing up these delicious lunches is a cinch, since they only take 10 minutes to make! You can enjoy flavorful recipes like our Cucumber-Chicken Green Goddess Wrap and 3-Ingredient Teriyaki Edamame Sauté for refreshing and nourishing lunch options.

Loaded Cucumber & Avocado Sandwich

Jacob Fox

This loaded cucumber-and-avocado sandwich is filled with creamy avocado and crispy cucumbers. Ricotta cheese mixed with extra-sharp Cheddar adds flavor while sliced red peppers offer a splash of color.

Cucumber-Chicken Green Goddess Wrap

Brie Passano

This quick and easy wrap rolls up and is ready for a casual, stationary lunch or a meal on the go, with protein from chicken to keep you going. The green goddess dressing is creamy with cheese and avocado and bright from lemon and herbs. Cucumber and carrots add color and crunch to this healthy, robust whole-wheat wrap.

Pickled Beet, Arugula & Herbed Goat Cheese Sandwich

Jacob Fox

This pickled beet, arugula and goat cheese sandwich is peppery with creamy notes from the goat cheese and sweet and tangy undertones from the pickled beets. Chopped walnuts add nuttiness and crunch to this easy sandwich.

Mason Jar Power Salad with Chickpeas & Tuna

This power salad will keep you fueled for hours, thanks to 26 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. Tossing the dressing and kale, and then letting it stand in the jar, softens it enough so you don’t need to massage or cook it to make it tender.

Chickpea & Roasted Red Pepper Lettuce Wraps with Tahini Dressing

A tangy, nutty tahini dressing brings together no-cook ingredients like canned chickpeas and roasted red peppers for these easy meal-prep lettuce wraps. Make these wraps ahead of time for a grab-and-go lunch or dinner. A few wedges of warm pita finish off the meal perfectly.

Avocado Toast with Burrata

Burrata (cream-filled fresh mozzarella cheese) takes this avocado toast recipe to the next level for a decadent, yet weekday-friendly breakfast.

3-Ingredient Farro Bowl with Rotisserie Chicken

Carolyn Hodges

To make this hearty grain bowl, grab a salad kit from the grocery store. Then, top the kit with farro and chicken for a high-protein lunch or dinner that’s ready in minutes.

3-Ingredient Teriyaki Edamame Sauté

Carolyn A. Hodges, R.D.

Whip up this high-fiber, plant-based stir-fry for a quick and convenient dinner. Look for bottled teriyaki sauce labeled less sodium or reduced sodium to cut back on the salt without sacrificing flavor.

Catchall Lunch Salad

This easy salad is great for using up any small amounts of leftover canned foods and produce you have on hand.

Chickpea & Kale Toast

Ted & Chelsea Cavanaugh

This healthy toast recipe combines chickpeas, kale and feta for a savory bite.

Turkey-Cranberry Wrap

This wrap is quick-and-easy to prepare and is the perfect lunch solution for all of those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Strawberry & Tuna Spinach Salad

Enjoy sweet, juicy strawberries paired with nutrient-dense mushrooms and tangy tuna salad. This is the ultimate salad to keep you feeling full. It boasts 20 grams of protein and 10.5 grams of fiber — both nutrients known to satiate hunger.

Tex-Mex Salad

Get all the protein — 17 grams — you need without the fat and cholesterol. Loaded with fiber-filled beans, sweet corn, crunchy sweet pepper, smooth avocado, and spicy pico de gallo, this bold salad will satisfy your taste buds and appetite.

Get Your Greens Wrap

Sara Haas

This healthy, quick wrap is packed with plenty of green vegetables—cucumber, sprouts and lettuce add crunch, avocado lends creaminess and edamame provides some plant-based protein.

Migas with Spinach

Johnny Autry

This take on migas, a dish originating in Spain, includes spinach for a boost of color and nutrition while diced avocado provides a creamy textural finish.

PB&J Bistro Lunch Box

Inspired by Starbucks’ bistro boxes, this peanut butter and jelly lunch will be loved by kids and adults alike. Accompanied by sandwich sides including a yogurt parfait, fruit, veggies and popcorn, this healthy packable lunch will keep you full until dinner.

Ham & Cheese Sandwich Wrap

Spice up your typical lunch sandwich and have a wrap instead! The broccoli sprouts add crunch and nutrients, and the honey mustard adds some sweetness.

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