3 Frozen Meals No One Should Be Eating Anymore Because They Cause Inflammation And Gut Fat

Frozen meals can be a quick, convenient way to squeeze dinner into busy nights without spending too much time cooking. Plus, these meals are oftentimes especially tasty and tempting. However, if you’re looking out for your health, it’s important to be aware of the risks at hand. As it turns out, many frozen meals are terrible for your body due to a staggering amount of additives and calories. All of this can lead to a range of health complications, including weight gain.

“Frozen meals often contain excessive amounts of sodium, artificial preservatives, and unhealthy fats, all of which can contribute to inflammation and the accumulation of belly fat,” dietitian Krutika Nanavati warns. We checked in with her to shed some light on a few of the worst options out there. She told us that frozen pizza, frozen fried chicken, and frozen pasta dishes are among the biggest offenders when it comes to inflammation and gut fat. Learn more about the risks below.

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frozen pizza


1. Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizzas are probably the most popular of all the frozen foods. They’re easy to make and undeniably delicious. Unfortunately, though, Nanavati says they’re a poor choice for your health, especially if weight loss is your goal.

“These pizzas often contain excessive amounts of sodium, trans fats, and refined carbohydrates, which can have negative effects on our bodies,” she tells us. “Consuming such ingredients can lead to inflammation and weight gain, particularly around the belly area.”

On top of all of this, there’s also the fact that frozen pizza offers up little nutritional value. As Nanavati points out, they “tend to lack important nutrients like fiber, protein, and healthy fats, making them a suboptimal choice for overall well-being.”

frozen fried chicken at store


2. Frozen Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Even better if you can store it in your freezer and pop it into the oven whenever you’re ready for it, right? Unfortunately, while this convenient meal is certainly pleasing to the taste buds, it could be detrimental to your waistline.

“Frozen fried chicken is an unhealthy option that can contribute to inflammation and abdominal fat,” Nanavati warns. Like frozen pizza, microwavable dinners featuring fried chicken can pack in a lot of unhealthy fats, sodium, and processed ingredients. “Consistently consuming fried chicken can lead to chronic inflammation in the body, which in turn contributes to various health issues,” she says.

Plus, just as with pizza, “these meals tend to be high in calories and lacking in essential nutrients like fiber and protein, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy gut and reducing inflammation.” Instead, try opting for fresh, lean meats—including chicken!—that you can prepare yourself and freeze for later. It may take a bit more time, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

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3. Frozen Pasta

Pasta is already well-known as one of the less healthy foods out there, thanks to all those refined carbs. However, while there are a few healthy ways to consume pasta without putting your weight loss goals at risk, most frozen options are likely going to stand in the way of you and your dream body.

“Frozen pasta dishes are a popular option among frozen meals, but they tend to be packed with unhealthy ingredients,” Nanavati warns. “These meals often contain refined grains, saturated fats, and added sugars, which can contribute to inflammation and weight gain.”

She also points out that, unlike a pasta dish you may make at home, which you can opt to fill with protein-rich and fiber-rich ingredients, frozen pasta dishes generally aren’t going to give you all the nutrients you need to stay on track with your weight loss journey. “Regularly consuming these meals can lead to chronic inflammation and increase the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes,” she says.

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The bottom line

Ultimately, there are very few store-bought meals that are actually good for you. If you want to reap the benefits and convenience of a ready-to-eat meal you can pull right out of your freezer, preparing them yourself so that you have complete control over the ingredients is your best option.

“By selecting whole, unprocessed ingredients and cooking meals at home, you can greatly decrease your consumption of unhealthy fats, sodium, and refined carbohydrates. This, in turn, contributes to a healthier gut and reduces inflammation in the body,” Nanavati concludes. Perfect!

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