Arizona man tries to bake cookies by placing dough inside car. Watch what happens

Sometimes, the weather is so hot that one feels like one does not need an oven to cook. Recently, a content creator literally had the same thought and came up with a bizarre experiment as he baked cookies inside his car in USA’s Arizona. And, he was successful in his attempt that is just delightful to watch.

Matt Peterson, who describes himself as a “High Class Food Critic and CEO of food challenges” on his Instagram bio, posted the video on September 4. “It’s 110 degrees today in Arizona so I’m going to see if I can bake these cookies inside of my car,” he says in the video. He has a tray of dough shaped like cookies in his hand. Sitting inside his car, he shows how he is sweaty in only 15 seconds. He kept the tray on the car’s dashboard and checked it out after five hours. “It’s just never not shocking,” he says as he finds out that the cookies have been perfectly baked due to the hot weather.

He then takes the chocolate chip cookies to his father. They eat the cookies and Matt also shows how the cookies are fully cooked. After tasting the cookies, his father says, “I think these are better than mom’s.” “Arizona.. where your car doubles as an oven! No really.. today I baked chocolate chip cookies inside of my car,” he captioned the video.

Watch the video below:

The video has received more than 3.4 million views since being posted. Netizens found the experiment cool and wanted to try it as well.

“How cool I need to try this in surprise,” commented an Instagram user. “Don’t let mum see the video,” said another. “A good reminder not to leave kids, pets, and medication in a parked car,” cautioned another user. “Your car, the most expensive air fryer on the market,” posted another netizen.

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