‘But, why?’: Video of Maggi pani puri causes intense cringe online

Maggi and golgappe are probably two of the most loved dishes for any Indian. However, no one really saw the instant noodles finding its way into the street food as a filling. Sadly, this too has become a reality, and a video of it is going viral, leaving netizens feeling squeamish online.

As there is no dearth of food experiments online, leading to mostly disastrous outcomes. As Maggi-pani puri joins the trend, foodies took to social media to share their cringe. In a video posted on Twitter, a person is seen swapping the usual potato filling with instant masala noodles. And to finish it off, he is seen adding the spicy mint water before serving the dish.

“Dealing mid-week crisis with Maggi Pani Puri…Hope it helps you all too [sic],” Twitter user Mohammed Futurewala wrote sharing the clip on Wednesday.

Watch the video here:

While most were confused why this was created in the first place, others were reminded of a photo of a Maggi golgappe that went viral in 2020.

As many users slammed the person for sharing the bizarre food and threatened to block him, a few jokingly said that they are willing to try the dish.

Last year, a restaurant selling butter chicken golgappe left netizens shocked while a photo of Maggi milkshake and Fanta Maggi left a bad taste in most, saying their favourite dish has been “ruined”.

In case you thought only such odd combinations exist, some creative souls also tried to give the savoury dish a sweet twist. In the past, recipes for Maggi laddus and kheer have also gone viral, leaving all frustrated online, with foodies asking food bloggers to leave their ‘simple joys of life’ alone.

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