Carrot Halwa Bars and Chocolate Rice Cakes

Cookbook author, food blogger and star of TODAY All Day’s #Cooking, Samah Dada is whipping up two of her favorite no-bake sweet treats. She shows us how to prepare carroty halwa bars with creamy cashew frosting and chocolate rice cake bark.

Carrot Halwa Bars

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Indian desserts truly live in a world of their own. Desserts double as little pieces of art, adorned with super-fine filigree made with silver or gold foil. My favorite Indian dessert is gajar ka halwa, or carrot halwa. Halwa, in the Indian context, is made by simmering vegetables, fruit or different flours with ghee, sugar and milk. I decided to make a vegan version of carrot halwa, marry it with a carrot cake (check out that creamy cashew frosting!) and stick it in the freezer for a no-bake, delicious treat that will put those carrots in your fridge to very good use. I hope you enjoy this little piece of home from me to you!

Chocolate Rice Cakes

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This is one of the most popular recipes I’ve ever created, and I mean, what’s not to like about something crunchy that involves chocolate? Not only are these chocolate rice cakes beyond delicious, they are also extremely simple to make (and I mean that!). What’s more, I am pleased to inform you that this is a no-bake recipe, so you don’t even touch your oven to make it. I liken this to a better-for-you candy bar, with ingredients that are probably already in your pantry. This is also a fun recipe to make your own with your add-ins of choice, giving it a customizable dessert-slash-sweet-snack experience perfect for adults and kids. I know you’re going to have this on repeat, just like I do!

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