Easy Breakfast Recipes: 5 Boiled Egg Recipes For Quick And Easy Breakfast

Eggs are probably one of the most convenient and popular breakfast options. They are easy to handle and make for a perfect and nutrient-rich meal in-between the hectic morning schedule. Omelette, bread-n-egg toast, anda bhurji and more – we get a long list of egg recipes that are fuss-free and help put together a meal in no time. But what remains the most popular one in the lot is boiled egg. It needs a maximum of eight minutes to boil eggs and put together a morning meal. All you need to do is peel the boiled egg, sprinkle some salt and pepper and consume. It is not only delicious, but super healthy too. Boiled eggs (or eggs in general) load you up with good amount of protein, vitamins, antioxidant and more.

What if we say we have some amazing ideas to spruce up the regular boiled eggs? Yes, you heard us. We have found some interesting recipes with boiled eggs that are easy to make and can add variety to your everyday morning meal. Take a look.

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Here are 5 boiled egg recipes For Breakfast:


1.Boiled Egg Chaat:

One of our most favourite boiled egg recipes, here we cut the boiled eggs into two halves and mix with onion, boondi and a pool of spices. You also sprinkle some lemon juice to add that right amount of tanginess to the dish. Click here for the recipe.

2.Boiled Egg Omelette:

We love boiled eggs, then we love omelettes. But have you ever had both combined together? That’s right. Here we bring boiled egg omelette recipe that is unique and adds a good flavor to your palate. Click here for the recipe.

3.Boiled Egg Bhurji:

Here we bring a scrambled egg (or anda bhurji) recipe that is prepared with a few boiled eggs. Chop the boiled eggs and cook like bhurji with onion, tomato, ginger, coriander and a few spices. Click here for the recipe.


4.Boiled Egg Stir Fry:

Much like the anda bhurji, here we stir fry the eggs with onion, tomato, curry leaves, capsicum, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli, pepper and more. Prepare this today and give a spicy start to your day. Click here for the recipe.

5.Deviled Egg:

If you are in a mood to go a bit exotic with your breakfast, then we have a perfect recipe for you – deviled egg. Here we boil the eggs, cut them into two halves, scoop out the yolk and mix it with few other ingredients. Then place the egg whites on a plate, fill it with the spice mixed yolk and serve. Click here for the complete recipe.

Now that you have these amazing recipes handy, try them at home and put together delicious meals every single morning. Bon Apetit!

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