Fast Food Restaurant In SE Rochester Closed Until Further Notice

Many Rochester residents are speculating on social medial about why a popular chain restaurant would suddenly close. A lot are assuming it is a staffing issue which wouldn’t be surprising because a lot of companies are struggling to fill positions these days.

The message posted on the restaurant’s marquee and front door simply says, “closed until further notice.” I tried calling the establishment to find more information, but no one picked up. I was able to talk to an employee at the chain’s other location and learned a little more about the situation.

KFC Restaurant In SE Rochester Closed Until Further Notice

Rochester has a ton of fast-food options. If you’re craving a burger there are countless options, there are a few Taco Bell’s and a Taco John’s for those seeking Mexican food, and there are two KFC locations for those wanting fried chicken.

The 2nd St KFC, located near Saint Mary’s hospital is open today.

Rochester’s other KFC, located at 717 12th St SE, is not.

Is the KFC Restaurant on 12th St SE in Rochester Reopening?

Several people have posted photos of that restaurant on social media in the last 24 hours wondering what is going on.

TSM Rochester

TSM Rochester

As you can see the roadside sign and a piece of paper taped to the front door both say “closed until further notice.”

I called and even stopped by this location to try to find out what was going on, but didn’t have any luck.

I was able to reach an employee at the 2nd St location and found out if the SE location will reopen.

TSM Rochester

TSM Rochester

The employee I spoke with would not give a specific reason why the SE location was closed, but did say it won’t be for long.

She told me the KFC on 12th St should be back open tomorrow, Wednesday, December 14th.

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