Keto-Friendly Fast Food Options That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Since El Pollo Loco translates to “the crazy chicken,” it’s not surprising that this fast-food chain with over 480 locations across six states — Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas, and Utah — is known in particular for its chicken dishes (via Forbes). But when it comes to the keto diet, El Pollo Loco boasts a unique menu item: The World’s First Keto Burrito.

According to the El Pollo Loco website, this burrito is Keto-certified. This means that the product must meet certain specifications regarding things like its carb content and its ingredients (via Keto Certified). But just because certain foods are not allowed under the keto diet doesn’t mean that The World’s First Keto Burrito doesn’t have a variety of ingredients. Made from a special keto-OK tortilla, El Pollo Loco’s keto burrito is packed with chopped chicken, slices of avocado, cotija cheese, red cabbage, organic super greens, pico de gallo salsa, and creamy cilantro dressing. And if any of those foods aren’t your thing, you can always customize your burrito to, for example, not have red cabbage or avocado.

In addition to The World’s First Keto Burrito, El Pollo Loco also offers the keto-friendly Double Chicken Avocado Salad on its Pollo Fit Menu. Like the keto burrito, this salad comes with pico de gallo salsa, avocados, cotija cheese, and organic super greens, as well as lettuce and corn. And, again, it’s customizable, so you can, for example, add creamy cilantro dressing.

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