Minnesota Small Town Getting It’s First Fast Food Restaurant

After the age of 4, I grew up in a very small town.  There are some great things about living and growing up in a small town.  Everyone knows each other. Because of that, people know your business, which can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on what you have going on in your life.  People will know what’s going on whether you want them to or not.  Also, it’s great to have those small town events;  fairs, “town days”, beer gardens, group crafting days (if you’re into that), going into small town shops and enjoying the unique things you can find, and above all, everyone is usually very friendly.

The downside is that many times you don’t get the conveniences that larger cites and towns will have like pizza delivery, big box stores and sometimes fast food places. Sometimes you just want something quick, on the go, and you don’t feel like making anything yourself.  Small towns are getting some fast food places.  Usually it’s like just one.  That’s ok.

Howard Lake is getting their first fast food restaurant.  A&W is going to open later this year.  The exact date hasn’t been announced, but it will be in May.

The current owners of the Pit Stop coffee shop/gas station will be opening the restaurant.

According to Bring Me the News:

Dave and Sandy Rollins, owners of the Pit Stop coffee shop-gas station, plan to open an A&W at 620 Dutch Lake Drive in May. Once up and running, it will be the first fast food restaurant in town limits.

“We have great customers and a supportive community,” Dave Rollins said in an announcement. “We look forward to providing a new and exciting place for them to gather and enjoy great food.”

Many heard about the Pit Stop in 2017, as a million dollar winning lottery ticket was sold there.

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