Most Popular Recipes Of 2022

2022 was a big year for recipes. People were inspired to whip up dishes and drinks inspired by from their favorite celebrities, TikToks, TV shows, and more. Now that the year is coming to a close, Google has just released its Year in Search 2022 lists, cataloging the most googled terms of 2o22. Among the categories highlighted in the list is recipes, and the intriguing data definitely says a lot about how we ate the past year.

Curious about which recipes made the cut? Let’s dive right in.

Topping the list of searched recipes is “sugo,” a traditional Italian tomato sauce. Other recipes in the top 5 include “Cincinnati chili,” “Marry Me Chicken,” “quick pancake,” and “mango pie.”


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The rest of the entries on the list seemed to have taken their cue from popular culture. At #9 was “Bella Hadid sandwich,” a recipe from the model that went viral on TikTok. The hearty sandwich is comprised of turkey, salami, provolone, tomatoes, and roughly a dozen other ingredients. And thanks to the success of the FX series The Bear, “The Bear spaghetti” closed out the list at #10.

Google’s Year in Search 2022 also proved that the sriracha shortage was heavy on the minds of many Americans. “Sriracha shortage” came in at #5 in the “Shortages” category of search terms. If you recall, due to the shortage, sriracha deliveries were placed on hiatus from spring until Labor Day.

Lastly, an unpublished list shows that there were quite a few old favorites that climbed from behind the bar to the top of the “Alcoholic drinks” list. They include “espresso martini,” “lemon drop martini,” and “Dirty Shirley.”

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