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The video involving the pet cat ‘hiding’ its food was posted on Instagram.

If you are familiar with cats and kittens, then you may know that their antics often make for the best of videos. And exactly that kind of a moment has been showcased in this video that was shared on Instagram page Cats of Instagram. There is a chance that this video will make you laugh out loud at how this cat thinks that ‘hiding’ its food will work.

The video opens to show a cat sitting on the floor with a bowl of food right in front of it. Soon enough, viewers get to see that the cat is trying to put its paw on the wall beside it and rubbing it repeatedly. It then puts its paw back into the bowl and then on the wall to ‘hide’ its food to save it for later. This hilarious behaviour on part of the cat has been making many people laugh.

The cute and funny cat video has been posted on Instagram with a caption in the form of a conversation. It reads, “G: Francis what are you doing?! F: I am hiding my food daddy! So nobody will find it and I can eat it later! G: Yes… sure…” It is accompanied by the hashtag that reads #catsofinstagram.

Watch the video right here:

The video has been posted on Instagram about 22 hours ago and since then, has garnered several comments from people who couldn’t stop going ‘aww’ and laughing out loud at this cat’s behaviour – both at the same time. This video has also received more than two lakh views on it so far.

An Instagram user wrote, “Our cat Nalu does it too. On glass, walls, whatever.” “Just posting about cats can make me happy,” reads another comment. A third comment reads, “There are two ways to protect yourself from the misery of life: cats and memes. ” “Looks familiar,” related a fourth.

What are your thoughts on this cat video?

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