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In a bid to stop the promotion of unhealthy food and drink, Spain has announced that it will be banning influencers, TV presenters and sports stars that advertise such products to children. 

The ban would apply to items such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits, energy bars, juices, energy drinks and ice creams.

In its draft decree, Spain’s consumer affairs ministry said, “The ban would prohibit appearances in commercial communications by parents, educators, teachers, children’s TV professionals, sportspeople, artists, influencers, and people or characters – be they real or fictional – who may, by dint of their careers, be likely to represent a model or example for these minors.”

As per the proposals, people who are in a position to influence children would be prohibited from marketing food or drink that is high in sugar, sodium, salt or fat. 

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The proposals have now been put out for public consultation. 

The ministry states influencer as “a person with a high level of influence over children and young people because of their large number of followers on social or digital media, and who interacts through messages on networks, blogs, posts, videos or similar media.”

Apart from this, influencers will also be approached to participate in educational and public health campaigns to promote “physical activity and health, sustainable and responsible eating habits”.

This comes a few months after Spain’s consumer affairs minister, Alberto Garzón, said he would ban advertisements for unhealthy foods.

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