Sushi Knife Safety 101

Many times, a knife has fallen and injured someone who cooks. It is a common injury in the kitchen, and sushi chefs know it well.

It is vital to be careful when using knives in order to avoid injury. We will discuss some of the best practices for knife safety.

1. Keep your Knife Sharp

Even though it might seem counterintuitive, chefs will tell you blunt knives are more dangerous than sharp knives.

It is because a chef will need to use greater force when using a blunt knife. In the event of an accident, it increases the risk of further damage to the fingers or hands.

You can easily cut food with a sharp knife without having to apply extra force.

2. Keep your Knife Clean

When you handle raw poultry in the kitchen, cross-contamination may occur. Several bacteria can be easily transferred to food. Keep knives clean both before and after use.

To kill the majority of bacteria, you will need hot water and dishwashing liquid. It is vital to make sure that your knife does not contain any food particles. This could cause bacteria to grow.

You can easily inspect your knives before using them.

3. Use Proper Cutting Techniques

Chefs learn to use knives from the very beginning. There are several ways to prevent injury.

The most common way to use a knife to cut is to place the blade on the middle finger. This serves as a guide to help you cut.

It is important that you keep your other hand clear of the edge in case it slips. This could make playing cryptocurrency online impossible.

4. Attention!

It’s not recommended that a chef watch television or talk on the phone while preparing food. Chefs must always be aware of what they’re cutting. It will help to reduce the risk of mistakes when using sharp knives.

There’s less activity in a home kitchen, so you can create a quiet and peaceful environment to cook and keep people safe.

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