Epretty Wednesday in the course of the developing year, Emilyn Sosa picks up a box of produce from a local community centre in Brooklyn crammed with the week’s harvest. This might include things like carrots, beets or sometimes kohlrabi, which she cooks up into soups and salads for her family members of five. The price tag? It’s no matter what Sosa judges to be fair. For a weekly box, the 33-year-previous pays about $15 (£12). If she ended up to […]

10 Nonprofits Awarded Healthy Food Access Grants (Pontiac Community Foundation, Dec. 10, 2022) Oakland County, MI – In the fall of 2022, Pontiac Community Foundation, in partnership with Oakland County, established the county’s Healthy Food Access Grant Program. Recipients from across Oakland County were awarded one-time operational and programmatic grants to help provide critical food assistance to residents and communities in Oakland County just in time for the holidays. “The Pontiac Community Foundation knows the organizations in Oakland County that […]

Communities in Tulsa that struggle with foods security will shortly see much more fruits and veggies.&#13 This thirty day period the United States Department of Agriculture declared that nonprofit Hunger Cost-free Oklahoma will receive a record-breaking $14.2 million around 4 several years to increase a application named Double Up Oklahoma that will get create to lower-earnings communities.&#13 It is effective by matching pounds from SNAP, a federal nourishment assistance strategy. Right after SNAP recipients get groceries, they get up to […]

In Missoula County, a program helps engage kids to play at recess. Up in Browning, an organization’s need-based food pantry provides healthy foods as part of the effort to combat health problems. The two programs are examples of ways Montana communities have worked to address childhood obesity, a problem that affects Montana less severely than most of the country but still causes concern in the Big Sky state. A 2006 report from the state of Montana pointed out that while […]

Local GrowBoston: Office of Urban Agriculture aims to increase local food production throughout the city. Boston officials are offering more support to urban farms and gardens to address food insecurity and reduce the carbon footprint of food access. Mayor Michelle Wu on Thursday announced the launch of GrowBoston: Office of Urban Agriculture, which the mayor said will combat food inequities and reduce climate change impacts.  “Urban agriculture, including community gardens, urban farms, food forests, and other ways of growing food […]

By Mariama Jallow David West, a retired juvenile court counselor for the state of North Carolina, grew up in the Boston-Thurmond neighborhood in Winston-Salem, a predominantly Black community that has seen many changes over the past century. Until the early 1990s, it was a vibrant neighborhood filled with Black Americans in a variety of tax brackets. There were fresh food markets at most every corner and everyone seemed to know everyone in the community, according to West, a 68-year-old neighborhood […]

Wholesome Wave to Use Donations from John Hancock to Fund Produce Prescription Programs and Drive Policy Change BOSTON, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Today, John Hancock, the US division of Toronto-based Manulife (NYSE: MFC) announced a commitment to empower sustained health and wellbeing for its customers and community partners by matching the HealthyFood™ savings of John Hancock Vitality life insurance customers with donations to Wholesome Wave, a national nonprofit organization that provides affordable access to nutritious food. John Hancock Vitality […]

Cassandria Campbell, MCP ’11, traces her interest in food to her first summer job working with the Food Project on farms in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and Roxbury, the Boston neighborhood where she grew up. “I really enjoyed that experience of seeing things grow,” she recalls, “and I appreciated how much change it was creating in Roxbury by bringing people together and turning vacant lots into productive urban farms.” It wasn’t until she moved back to Roxbury after graduate school that she […]

Rising food costs have made providing healthy food options to low-income families difficult, according to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.  “Everyone deserves access to good, nutritious food — and enough of it to live healthy, successful lives,” said Joe Arthur, Executive Director of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. “There is a direct correlation between food insecurity and the lack of nutritious food, which increases the risk of negative health outcomes and chronic disease. Having access to healthy food will ultimately […]

The path to a nanny state is paved with good intentions. According to local reports, the council in “the most obese area in Lancashire” is planning to place restrictions on takeaway food to control the health menace. While this isn’t a standalone measure — there is also talk of encouraging exercise and addressing mental health issues — it is of a piece with the notion that health and well-being stem primarily from the decisions individuals take — smokers get cancer, […]