Logging thousands of miles a week as a traveling salesman across the Midwest, Farmer’s Fridge founder Luke Saunders had an epiphany over a stale granola bar and bag of popcorn. What if fresh, healthy food could be as accessible as a candy bar? Despite zero previous experience in the food industry, Saunders decided to create a smart vending machine that served salads in recyclable plastic jars. That innovation is now evident in everything from their test kitchen in the Fulton […]

When Samantha Pounder and Hannah Choi imagine the shelves of a corner store, they see fresh aloe and kale instead of the usual sugary, shrink-wrapped confections and salty snacks. It’s a vision that will soon become a reality when the pair open Muki’s Market in Washington DC, one of the newest additions to a growing movement to supply big city food deserts with healthy corner stores. “The reality is there’s a need for more fresh food options,” says Pounder, food […]