Traveling is the ultimate sensory experience. You get to see new sights, smell new scents, hear new sounds, and, of course, taste all the wonderful things that make your destination special. And if you happen to be taking a road trip around the United States, you get the distinct pleasure of digging into all the unique regional fast food chains. From coast to coast and north to south, Americans are deeply in love with their local favorites. Be it the […]

Today’s resilient U.S. job market has a bit of a dark side. The number of youth employed in violation of federal child labor standards has more than doubled in the last five years, according to data from the Department of Labor. That’s as a number of states are loosening child labor laws. The Department of Labor found hundreds of workplaces in violation of these laws that protect minors, affecting nearly 4,000 kids. Fast food restaurants McDonald’s, Subway and Dunkin Donuts […]

(WTAJ) — While most of Central Pennsylvania is used to seeing McDonald’s, KFCs and Taco Bells across the area, there are plenty of high-rated fast-food chains that Central Pa does not have. Looking at QSR Magazine’s top 50 fast-food restaurants list from 2019 shows there are 21 restaurants that are nowhere to be found across our 10-county region. Additionally, there are ten restaurants with just one or two locations in the area, making it harder for people to enjoy those […]

Most people today do not affiliate fast food stuff with “fineness” or a “grade of excellence.” That is, they don’t make these types of associations except if they are speaking about the rapid-food items chains we’re speaking about today. These dining places may well be committed to swift assistance, but they’re also all dedicated to serving meals that’s created properly and that is mouth watering no make any difference the place it is liked To get this (small) listing, Nation’s Cafe […]

There are a whole lot of motives you may well need to have a drive-via on Xmas. You don’t rejoice. You have to get absent from your loved ones. You happen to be touring. You burned meal in an accidental recreation of A Xmas Story. You happen to be just hungry and in a hurry. It occurs.  However, because it is a getaway, a lot of spots basically are not open up. To help make sure you usually are not […]

French fries are far and away the biggest money maker for fast-food restaurants. That’s partially the case because chains create a huge markup on fries, charging customers many times more for fries than what they pay for the raw potatoes. In fact, the markup can be as high as a staggering 3,900%. Plus, most fast-food chains use pre-cut, frozen fries making the golden brown side, even more, cost-effective than fast-food chains that make fresh-cut fries for real potatoes every day. […]

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, if kept frozen, ground beef remains safe to cook and consume indefinitely, though it is at its best, taste and texture-wise, within four months. Fresh ground beef, on the other hand, is only at its best for about two or three days after purchase. RELATED: 10 Burger Chains With the Best Quality Meat in America Which do you think is the more convenient and cost-effective type of meat for a fast-food chain? […]

(Stacker) – Fast food restaurants rose to fame during the 1950s and 60s during the advent of the American highway system. The pairing seemed like a match made in heaven: Traversing long open roads for hours on end take a lot of energy, and few options feel better than a pit stop at a fast food restaurant along the way. Satiating the U.S.’s on-the-go lifestyle and car-centric infrastructure were the likes of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and others – all of which […]

In the fast-food world, there is a lot of competition. Between the largest chains in America to dueling sandwich shops, coffee shops, and burger joints, there’s an abundance of places to choose from. The brutal part for these rivaling companies? The competitiveness of the QSR market means that there will always be “winners” and “losers.” When customers begin to show a preference for one chain over the other, the popularity of former favorites can fade faster than a flash in […]

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the U.S. on Monday May 30, which marks the mourning of military personnel who have died while serving the country. Although sombre in tone, the day does not have to be a melancholy one, and many people will use the public holiday to share a good meal with friends. Although many businesses, shops, and restaurants will be closed for the public holiday, a number of fast-food chains will remain open on Monday. Here […]