Chef notes I love this recipe because it’s a very simple dish that anyone can make, but the flavor is unbelievable. I believe there are three keys to a great roast chicken: It has to have lovely brown, caramelized skin; it has to be juicy and perfectly cooked; and most of all, it has to have tons of sauce. The sauce is what makes this chicken really special, and why it’s the dish of mine I see people re-creating the […]

For a cool-weather meal that feeds a crowd, consider a braise. Slow simmered and deeply flavored, it has a number of attractive qualities. For one thing, it benefits from steeping in its own juices; cooking it several hours ahead of serving, even a day before, is ideal. The flavors intensify, mature, strengthen. The best braising cuts include beef chuck, lamb shoulder or pork shoulder. But chicken is the easiest to braise, since it takes less time to cook than red […]

I am biting into a drumstick that took three years to make. It is a piece of plant-based protein, fashioned into the likeness of a chicken leg, complete with a faux bone (edible), and glazed with something wet and brown. The bone is brittle and strangely sweet, the flesh a little chewy and rubbery. But the glaze has an unmistakably creamy, mouth-coating texture, just like chicken fat. It is remarkably familiar. Boringly predictable. It tastes, as they say, like chicken. […]

Comfort food: for some, that will mean the food we eat alone, standing in front of an open fridge with no one else’s needs to satisfy other than our own. It can be a completely gratifying meal made of picky bits: a hunk of cheddar with a spoon of raspberry jam, say, or a cold leftover roast potato splashed with Maggi sauce and topped with a thick slice of salted butter, or an anchovy and draped over a pickle. However, […]

The product recommendations in this post are recommendations by the writer and/or expert(s) interviewed and do not contain affiliate links. Meaning: If you use these links to buy something, we will not earn a commission. What’s not to love about the classic chicken nugget? They’re accessible, relatively cheap, easy to eat with one hand, and they’re oh-so delectable. But those little nuggets can be deceiving. While they are an easy source of protein, some varieties can be packed with sodium, […]

Brown stew chicken might seem like a snooze of a name for a recipe, but don’t be fooled—Jamaica’s signature marvel of a dish offers a galaxy of flavors that explains its massive fan base on the island and among the country’s expats. In other words, the name of this chicken thigh dinner may underdeliver in terms of the “wow” factor, but overdelivers at first bite. Why the cult-like devotion? The dish’s components—and how they’re assembled and cooked—delivers a master class […]

Good morning. There’s some very nice writing about recipes in The New York Times Magazine this week, not surprisingly under the byline of Ligaya Mishan. Her subject is a hummus recipe (above), dating back to 13th century Syria, that Lucien Zayan of the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn served at a dinner series he runs, la Salle A Manger. We don’t have a lot of recipes that are so old. In fact, Ligaya reports, there is no documentation of […]

This and every summer, grill some chicken. With corn. With peaches. With tomatoes. With abandon! Or don’t: You can still evoke the flavors and smells of the season inside using the stovetop or the oven (or a store-bought rotisserie chicken, when it gets unbearably hot). Below is a sampling of some of the most flavorful summertime chicken recipes New York Times Cooking has to offer. Chicken thighs, corn and okra? All grilled to charred, tender perfection? That’s the kind of […]

I used to love getting Chinese food takeout as a special treat when I was a child. My oldest son takes after me; he often suggests Asian food when we discuss takeout options. He happens to be a picky eater, so I love the opportunity to learn how to re-create popular menu items at home knowing that he’ll like them. This honey sesame chicken recipe is similar to a popular dish at Chinese restaurants. The chicken is fried […]

Whether it’s fried, baked, shredded and used in tacos, or added to your favorite noodle dishes, chicken is a tasty way to add more protein to your meal. And while you can, of course, go out to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite chicken-centered dish, it’s hard to find healthier options when eating out that isn’t full of extra fat and sodium from the oils and other ingredients added. For a solution that still gives you plenty of opportunity […]