George Bernard Shaw rightly said, “There is no sincerer love than love for food.” In India, we love to devote our love for food on special occasions and festivals but the Americans are way ahead of us, as they have even named several days based on their favourite dishes. ALSO READ: One such dish is Grilled Cheese Sandwich that Americans love to consume. What makes it so popular is the fact that the process of making these sandwich is super […]

InnoBLQ is a clean label, functional protein that is topically applied to battered and breaded foods before they are fried to create a microbarrier that blocks between 25% and 50% of oil uptake but also maintains the crispy, crunchy fried flavor and texture consumers expect, Brenda Zavala-Livengood, senior marketing specialist at Kemin, told FoodNavigator-USA. It also improves adhesion, moisture retention and the nutritional profile of the final product – making it more appealing to consumers who want better-for-you options but […]

Food TikTok has developed a life of its own, allowing a larger audience to experience cuisine from around the world. Younger users on the platform are learning how to cook from these bite-sized video recipes, while a wider audience is looking to it for menu inspiration. TikTokers are also keen to recreate trending recipes and share their clips. Have you ever wondered which trendy recipes hold up in real life? From creative to outrageous, here are the viral TikTok food […]

Rising food costs have made providing healthy food options to low-income families difficult, according to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.  “Everyone deserves access to good, nutritious food — and enough of it to live healthy, successful lives,” said Joe Arthur, Executive Director of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. “There is a direct correlation between food insecurity and the lack of nutritious food, which increases the risk of negative health outcomes and chronic disease. Having access to healthy food will ultimately […]