Sweet, cheese-filled crepes with brown butter and pears from Agi’s Counter. Photo: Janice Chung A line of customers stretches out the door and onto Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights. It’s the first Sunday in business for the new café Agi’s Counter, where the food is inspired by Eastern Europe (and, more specifically, Hungary), and the space is packed. Maybe you stop into Agi’s for a cup of coffee, but you haven’t had breakfast yet and the pogača — a biscuit […]

Food on the kitchen counter is seldom safe when you have hungry pets around. In an amusing clip, a dog seems to have found an interesting way to steal food left on the stove. The 15-second clip, which has now gone viral on social media, features a black dog standing on its hind legs while sliding a chair across the floor. Skillfully, the pooch manages to sneak past the room towards the kitchen unaware that his owner is recording the […]