There are many tips for weight loss on the internet. If you are trying to lose weight, you have probably read a tonne of articles to find the right food, diet, and exercise to guide yourself. However, before you can start getting healthy, you need to get rid of a few false beliefs about weight loss. Here are 5 myths and assumptions about losing weight that you should know. “Low-fat foods are the better option” Many junk foods have been […]

Avocados are one of the best foods you can eat when it comes to healthy fats When it comes to healthy eating, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of low-fat diets, carb-free trends, and sugar-free regimes. However, many experts agree that consuming healthy fats is the most natural and effective way to nourish your body. These healthy fats are vital for proper organ function and smooth metabolism. In this article, we list foods that are rich in healthy […]

The operator of Tabarek Worldwide Foods has opened a Middle Jap cafe in close proximity to her Lancaster city grocery store. Tanzeel International Cafe has opened at 798 E. New Holland Ave., having a location driving Turkey Hill in Grandview Plaza that is the former cafe home for Upohar, an global foods cafe that now only does catering out of a nearby professional kitchen. Tanzeel Global Cafe presents shawarma, shish kebab and falafel sandwiches and platters and also attributes a […]

There are few things more deeply embedded in family and cultural traditions than the food we eat. But our diets are also subject to global forces far beyond our control. Sociologist Ding-Tzann Lii looks at these dynamics when it comes to Taiwan’s relationship with one of the most basic food staples of all: rice. After World War II, Lii writes, the United States ramped up international food aid. This was both a strategic move in the Cold War and a […]

New Delhi: Lifestyle plays a huge role in your fitness and health. Often a sedentary lifestyle along with unhealthy eating habits contribute to weight gain or other lifestyle diseases. With discipline and patience, you can work on your lifestyle to reach a fitness level you have always desired. Always remember that whatever changes you implement should not be focused on temporary results, but rather on a long and sustainable lifestyle. A good fitness level is more important than just fat […]