McDonald’s Australia’ 30-Days-30-Deals are returning in November and bringing significant savings on a number of its menu staples. Mark your calendars now and take advantage of some fantastic fast-food deals at the well-known burger joint all month long. Not much of an excuse is needed for us to go on a McDonald’s run. However, we believe we would be failing ourselves if we didn’t indulge in its excellent meals now that there is a large financial incentive. In addition to meal […]

As more employees return to the office — and their daily commutes — fast-food chains are ramping up promotions and loyalty programs in a move to make fast-food breakfast a part of workers’ morning routines.   “Breakfast is the most profitable part of the day,” said Lauren Silberman, a restaurant analyst with Credit Suisse, a financial services company. McMuffins, Baconators and an array of coffee concoctions and donuts helped fuel $35 billion in fast-food breakfast sales in 2020, according to research […]

The government has delayed plans to crackdown on unhealthy food deals and TV adverts for junk food for a year. Promotions such as buy-one-get-one-free (bogof) offers and extra free deals on products high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) would have been banned under the new measures, part of the wider Obesity Strategy, in October. Instead the promotions will be banned in October 2023. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said the new measures would have coincided with […]

UPDATE: While National Fast Food Day is over, the deals continue. Many chains have ongoing updates and roll out new specials on their mobile apps. Starbucks also has a free reusable cup giveaway Thursday and McDonald’s has a deal on its Egg McMuffin.  A week after National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day, it’s time for another day to “celebrate” food. Tuesday is the National Fast Food Day, and burger joints and chicken chains have specials for the made-up food holiday, held annually on […]

by: J. Scott Wilson, NewsNation via Nexstar Media Wire Posted: Sep 3, 2021 / 09:43 AM PDT / Updated: Sep 3, 2021 / 09:43 AM PDT CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Just about every major holiday has one thing in common: Chain restaurants offering freebies and deals to get you into the drive-through or at the counter at some point during the holiday period. Labor Day is one of the biggest, and we’ve put together a handy run-down of what to […]