Whether you’re encouraging loved ones to start a new wellness kick or looking to add new ideas to an already-nutritious menu, families at any stage of a journey toward better health can use newfound favorites to bring fresh flavors to the table. These dishes from Milk Means More provide an all-day assortment of deliciousness from breakfast to lunch and dinner so you can bring everyone together for tasty, nutritious meals no matter the occasion. Dairy foods, like the low-fat or […]

Oh, September. You are madness. You are back-to-school and back-to-work after August laze and Labor Day. You are crisp new notebooks and backpacks. You are closed-toe shoes. You are calendars cross-referenced, car pools arranged, nut-free lunches assembled. Figuring out dinner every day is already a chore, but in hectic September, it can be a trial. I write a New York Times Cooking newsletter called Five Weeknight Dishes, with five recipes for busy people who still want something good to eat. […]

There might be some rogue nights when we’re willing to take on a cooking project, like red-wine-braised short ribs or fresh semolina pasta. But most of the time we’re looking for speedy mealtime solutions (yes, we BA editors are just like you). These 30-minute dinner ideas are the ones we turn to time and time again—the faithful hits for when it’s 7 p.m. and we’re already starving. Make no mistake, though, quick is by no means synonymous with boring: Our […]

Please romaine calm. #GirlDinner has enticed over 247 million views on TikTok, as young women share what they pulled together to consume while watching their favorite show on the couch. Critics are sounding the alarm on the “disturbing new trend,” claiming that the videos showcase too-small portions of food, even though “girl dinners” are often an aesthetic arrangement of cheeses, cold cuts, crackers and fruits (i.e. “snack plates”) or a random assortment of leftovers from the depths of the fridge. […]

I used to love getting Chinese food takeout as a special treat when I was a child. My oldest son takes after me; he often suggests Asian food when we discuss takeout options. He happens to be a picky eater, so I love the opportunity to learn how to re-create popular menu items at home knowing that he’ll like them. This honey sesame chicken recipe is similar to a popular dish at Chinese restaurants. The chicken is fried […]

We’ve all been there. After a long day of work or school, the last thing we want to do is spend an hour (or even two) in the kitchen, chopping and dicing, mixing and measuring. But for many reasons — health, budget, taste — we’re also craving a homemade meal. That’s where these easy dinner recipes come in to solve our dinner dilemma. All of them were developed with ease in mind. That could mean they rely on store-bought ingredients […]

I always find the week before Christmas a bit strange. The kids are done with school, work is wrapping up for the year, but while there’s a sense of anticipation in the air – nothing has actually happened yet. It’s a week of planning and preparing, but we all want to save ourselves for the major festivities to come. Plus, this year, it’s muggy as anything out there. Nobody wants to slave over a stove every night.So this week’s recipes […]

Over the past few months, my TikTok feed has been filled with gorgeous candlelit tables overflowing with vintage tableware and delicious food. These are different than the very formal, meticulously planned dinner parties I’ve come to know, though. The decor is mismatched in a chic, deliberate way, name cards and menus are handwritten and guests linger in the kitchen with glasses of wine in hand, helping the host at a casual, relaxed pace. Rules are being broken, and I think […]

My teenage daughter, Dahlia, likes to snack on flakes of sea salt, nibbling them out of hand like tiny potato chips. So, I wasn’t exactly surprised to see her standing over a freshly made batch of anchovy bread crumbs, eating them with a spoon. Salty and crunchy, with a touch of chile-driven heat and a funky hit of umami, they were meant for the pasta I was making later that night. But I had to agree that they were pretty […]

After spending the whole day at the office, all we need is a healthy spread made without investing much time and effort. And why not? Work-life is hectic and that’s why we do not have the energy to cook a storm in the kitchen. Don’t you agree? Having food from outside is also not the solution. Store-bought, ready-to-cook and restaurant food can be eaten once or twice, but every day it can be really harmful to your health. Don’t worry! […]