Image: Gameloft Hey, no judgment if you burn your toast, I still occasionally eat dinosaur chicken nuggies. We don’t all have what it takes in the kitchen, but the life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley lets everyone take control of their destiny. In Dreamlight, your protagonist is inherently a winner. You’re always safe, even when commanding a stovetop. Cooking is an extension of the peaceful nobility Dreamlight sparkles over you—it replenishes energy and earns money, bonds you closer to characters, […]

There are loads of Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes that you can cook using a stove by combining a variety of ingredients to create an Energy-restoring meal. Food that you cook can also be gifted or sold if you’re not interested in eating it yourself, so it’s much more than just a mechanic for keeping you from wearing out in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gather ingredients and throw stuff into your stove’s stockpot to see what you can create. Below you’ll find […]