Emily Russell was working at an Ohio Chipotle when an angry customer, Rosemary Hayne, violently hurled a hot bowl of food in her face — an attack that was caught on video. Now, Hayne, who was found guilty last week of assault, has agreed to work in a fast-food restaurant to avoid jail time.  “Do you want to walk in [Russell’s] shoes for two months and learn how people should treat people, or do you want to do your jail […]

Burger King is working on improving the overall health of its franchise system by culling “older and lower performing restaurants.” The fast-food chain’s CEO, Joshua Kobza, informed shareholders in May that between 300 and 400 locations would be closed before the end of 2023. At that time, the company had already closed over 120 Burger King restaurants bringing the total in the United States to less than 7,000. Historically, the fast-food chain closes a couple hundred locations each year, but […]

Finding lower-fat menu items at fast-food restaurants isn’t an easy feat. Most fast food choices are laden with fat, especially saturated fat, which has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease. To be able to enjoy fast food as part of a lower-fat diet, your best bet is to be prepared. Below are 10 fast food menu options that provide less than 30% of total calories from fat for the meal. Although total fat is kept in check, […]

When it was built in 1954, the fast food restaurant at the corner of Ida and Monterey streets In San Luis Obispo was at the intersection of car culture, mid-century modern architecture and culinary convenience. Much as changed since then. Ida Street was renamed when California Boulevard was extended. Hamburger joints have mostly changed from independent spots to chains, while architecture has gotten more bland. Before it was home to Splash Cafe, the building at 1491 Monterey St. housed Ed’s […]

Former McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner analyzes the state of the fast-food industry as the U.S. economy slows on ‘The Claman Countdown.’ The National Owners Association called California’s recently-passed AB 1228 “draconian” and costly to franchisees in a memo distributed to its members. “The new ‘AB 1228’ legislation has been voted into law and will result in a devastating financial blow to California McDonald’s franchisees at a projected annual cost of $250,000 per McDonald’s restaurant,” the advocacy group representing some 1,000 […]

North Carolina is home to a number of great fast-food chains, including some that were recently named among the best in the country.  Three N.C.-founded fast-food restaurants received top honors in a new report based on reader votes from USA Today.  These restaurants that got their start in the Tar Heel State made the list of best regional fast-food chains.  Bojangles Bojangles, which first opened in Charlotte in 1977, was No. 10 on the list for its all-day breakfast, seasoned fried […]

Culver’s, which once was named the most popular fast-food chain in Kansas, is coming to Wichita with a west-side site possibly yet this year. An east-side Culver’s likely will follow. File photo Back in 2017, Business Insider named Culver’s the most popular fast food restaurant in Kansas, but there were none in Wichita. Now, one is scheduled to open on the west side by late this year or early in 2024. “Topeka, Kansas, is currently the farthest west Culver’s in […]

In an on-the-go world, it’s not hard to see why fast-food restaurants thrive. For most of us, grabbing a quick meal is sometimes unavoidable, whether it’s a speedy breakfast while rushing to work or dinner on a road trip. No matter the circumstances of your fast-food ordering, if you’re trying to eat healthy, you’ve probably found it a challenge. The stereotypes about fast food’s mediocre nutrition content are largely true, and many chains serve up fried, heavy meals high in calories, […]

(WTAJ) — While most of Central Pennsylvania is used to seeing McDonald’s, KFCs and Taco Bells across the area, there are plenty of high-rated fast-food chains that Central Pa does not have. Looking at QSR Magazine’s top 50 fast-food restaurants list from 2019 shows there are 21 restaurants that are nowhere to be found across our 10-county region. Additionally, there are ten restaurants with just one or two locations in the area, making it harder for people to enjoy those […]

Most people today do not affiliate fast food stuff with “fineness” or a “grade of excellence.” That is, they don’t make these types of associations except if they are speaking about the rapid-food items chains we’re speaking about today. These dining places may well be committed to swift assistance, but they’re also all dedicated to serving meals that’s created properly and that is mouth watering no make any difference the place it is liked To get this (small) listing, Nation’s Cafe […]