A DIETITIAN shared her protein-packed picks from Whole Foods that work great for fat loss. She said some of her favorites even go well in a salad. 3 Lauren, a dietitian, shared her top five picks from Whole Foods for quick and easy proteinCredit: TikTok/sororitynutritionist 3 First on her list were turkey meatballs which she said were leaner than regular meatballsCredit: TikTok/sororitynutritionist Lauren Hubert (@sororitynutritionist) shared the five foods in a video with over 300,000 TikTok followers. “5 lazy girl […]

In the fast-food world, there is a lot of competition. Between the largest chains in America to dueling sandwich shops, coffee shops, and burger joints, there’s an abundance of places to choose from. The brutal part for these rivaling companies? The competitiveness of the QSR market means that there will always be “winners” and “losers.” When customers begin to show a preference for one chain over the other, the popularity of former favorites can fade faster than a flash in […]

You don’t need a ton of ingredients for a meal that sings. The recipes featured here are marvels of resourcefulness, offering enormous flavor in little time and with seven ingredients or fewer (minus those kitchen stalwarts salt, pepper and oil). We draw the line at seven rather than five or even three (like those buzzy headlines promise) because we believe that the best meals reach just a tiny bit further. An ingredient or two more — a smattering of scallions, […]

Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) There’s been a lot of doom and gloom around the restaurant industry over the past couple years. Reports of food joints closing, supply chain issues impacting menus, and the seemingly never-ending labor shortage have dominated the news cycle ever since the pandemic that we’re just so sick of talking about started. But still, people need to eat, and not everyone is able or willing to whip up three meals a day at home. The silver […]

GLENDALE, Calif. — In a quiet corner of the Glendale Galleria shopping mall, between a video game store and a pizza place, a red sign glows “Panda Express.” Here, according to my research, is the first ever Panda Express location, which opened in 1983. But neither outside the store nor inside, with its typical cafeteria-style counter and steel bins of hot food, are there any signs indicating as much. So as I paid for my chow mein and egg rolls […]

I love using kale because it’s a very hearty and versatile green — it stands up well to heat and is more nutrient-dense than regular lettuces. When I’m preparing a meal, I always like to stack the deck with as many nutrients as possible, especially when I’m cooking for my daughter. There are several types of kale, which can sometimes be used interchangeably. My favorite types are lacinato (also called dinosaur or Tuscan), curly and red. The health benefits of […]

Road trips are an essential part of summer vacation. Even before the pandemic put a hamper on air travel, vacation road-tripping was on the rise in the U.S. This year, with the summer season riddled with rising cases of infection with the Delta variant, the trend is still going strong: a recent nationwide survey of U.S vacationers found that 20% had canceled flights in favor of driving. It also found that 90% of those surveyed planned on traveling to their […]

Rosemary Square will welcome yet another healthy eats restaurant this fall, adding to its recent crop of veggie-loving eateries. Sweetgreen, a national fast-casual salad chain with a cult following, is expected to open at the downtown West Palm Beach plaza sometime in November, according to a restaurant publicist. The 60-seat, seasonally inspired restaurant will offer indoor and outdoor dining areas.  With Georgetown roots and its headquarters in the Los Angeles area, Sweetgreen aims to be the “Starbucks of salad,” as […]