Chef Sherry Pocknett, the first Indigenous woman to win a James Beard Foundation Award (she took home the 2023 title for Best Chef: Northeast), doesn’t celebrate just one “Thanksgiving.” Instead, she celebrates every harvest as a moment to pause, reflect and give thanks. During autumn, Pocknett said, “We’re giving thanks to cranberries because cranberries are back.” In the summer, Pocknett gives thanks to things like blueberries and strawberries. “Thanksgiving for me is giving thanks to a harvest… all these different […]

Pickling, salting, fermenting and curing are just a few of the many ways humankind has learned to extend a food’s shelf life. I’m not one for goodbyes at the best of times, so happily this means I never really have to part with my favourite fruit and vegetables; instead, I get to enjoy them in a different guise. Whereas fresh produce needs very little doing to it, the art of preserving lends itself to bigger, louder, funkier flavours. The ingredients […]