A ‘tidal wave of harm’ will hit the UK due to Brits’ high ultra-processed food diet, experts warned today. The alert follows two studies which found that people who consume lots of mass-produced foods have a 24 per cent higher risk of suffering a heart attack and a 39 per cent increased chance of having dangerously high blood pressure. Campaigners called the findings, from researchers in Australia and China, the strongest evidence yet that eating ultra-processed foods is deadly. However, […]

The typical British diet will cause a “tidal wave of harm”, experts have warned, as damning new research revealed even eating “low-fat” and “diet” processed foods raises the risk of heart problems. People who eat a lot of mass-produced foods are a quarter more likely to have heart attacks or strokes, one study found. While separate research revealed women who ate high levels of heavily processed foods –  including “healthy” products like protein bars, low-fat yoghurts and brown sliced bread […]

Advertising your product as low in fat while the sugar content remains high leaves consumers feeling deceived and less inclined to buy the product, researchers in Germany claim.    According to a new study by Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), when manufacturers advertise their products as being low in fat, many consumers assume that they also contain less sugar. However, the sugar content of many low-fat products differs little from that of other products. In a paper published in the […]