Transfer around, mug cakes and butter boards.  In 2023, the scorching meals developments will be “functional food items,” nostalgic noshes, international components and plant-based mostly proteins, mentioned chef and registered dietitian Diane Henderiks.  Speaking on “Fox & Buddies” on Friday, Dec. 30, Henderiks reported that though “charcuterie boards usually are not heading any where,” their presentation will possible modify going into the New 12 months.  Shift Around, CHARCUTERIE BOARDS — BUTTER BOARDS ARE THE Future Massive Thing Alternatively of a […]

Sweet Home lined up to greet and eat at a newly opened Taco Bell on Thursday, Dec. 29, the sixth major fast-food restaurant for the population on the verge of 10,000 people. Errolyn Bauer said she’d seen a Taco Bell before. “Oh, yeah — all over California. In Lebanon,” Bauer said. But the cheap burrito faithful now can drive from Blodgett, in western Benton County, to Cascadia in the Cascade foothills on Highway 20 without being more than 20 minutes […]

Chef and cookbook author Grace Young is visiting TODAY to whip up four incredibly delicious and easy recipes inspired by her culinary roots. From an irresistible chicken dish she learned how to make from her father to a star of the Singapore street food scene, these meals are packed with flavor, healthy and simple to add to your weekly meal plan rotation. She also makes a 15-minute fried rice and veggie lo mein quick enough to whip up on any […]

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A new program within Hartford Hospital is helping people get healthy, but not with medicine. Instead, it offers patients healthy food to take home. It looks like a small supermarket, but it is actually part of Hartford Hospital. Last week, doctors started referring certain patients here for healthier food. It’s free, they can take as much as they want, and learn some recipes, too. “If patients qualify in our office, they get a referral from our […]

Some people may be cautious when it comes to using oils in cooking or with their food. Eating fat with meals conjures thoughts of high cholesterol and, well, getting fat. The fact that some fats are labeled as “bad” adds to the confusion and misconception that all fats are unhealthy. But that isn’t the case. “It’s important to consume oils,” says Shilpa Bhupathiraju, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and assistant professor of nutrition at Harvard’s T.H. Chan […]

COVID put a serious dent in demand for global and other exotic cuisines, as Americans were not only unable to travel but were also seeking comfort in foods they knew well and that hearkened back to a more stable time. Now, in Year Three of the pandemic, vaccinated Americans are willing to start taking a few more risks, and that includes food. Even before the pandemic, some trends were starting to point away from experimentation with new cuisines, said Maeve […]

It’s pot roast season. Who’s with us? Pot roast and gravy has been one of the favorite comfort food recipes of Nicole Johnson of for as long as she can remember.  “Nothing beats homemade gravy, so pile up those mashed potatoes and get scooping,” Johnson says. She notes that she makes this recipe on an outdoor pellet grill (pellet smoker), but it can easily be made in the oven following the same directions.  “My favorite part about this dish […]

Are tomatoes healthy? Avocados? Nuts? According to Viome, a health technology company, there is no such thing as a universally-healthy food: What’s healthy for one person can be inflammatory for another. Anna Pelzer With the rise of chronic disease worldwide, it was clear to company founder Naveen Jain that disease was a problem worth tackling through prevention. He assembled a team of scientists to launch a company that can analyze your gut to understand what is causing inflammation, which is […]

A selection of smoked meats from 8 Hands Farm and smoked fish from Hook & Net. (Photo Credit: David Benthal: Food Styling: Alice Falcone) I feel in control in my kitchen, but the grill has always intimidated me a little. High heat? Low heat? How do I know when something is done? Turns out, all I needed to learn was how to turn my grill into a smoker. It’s easy, hard to mess up and there’s plenty of control. Once […]

Focaccia takes its name from the Latin “panis focacius,” or “hearth bread”: A lightly yeasted flat bread baked on coals or a hearth to create a filling accompaniment to dip into soups, stews, olive oil or vinegars.   It is thought to have originated with either the Etruscans or ancient Greeks at the beginning of the first millennium BC, but is now widely associated with the Ligurian (Genoa) cuisine of Italy. As the Romans expanded their empire they took the […]