Diets have only improved by 1.5 points over the last 30 years as measured by the global Alternative Healthy Eating Index. Certain groups of people were more likely to follow healthier eating habits than others. Policy changes need to happen to approve affordability and accessibility to nutritious foods. Globally, diets have not improved very much over the last 30 years a study in the journal Nature Food reports. The study evaluated global, regional and national dietary patterns in both children […]

What GAO Found Feed the Future (FTF), a U.S. government–wide global food security initiative coordinated by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), collects data to monitor how FTF projects promote agriculture, resilience, and nutrition (see photos). However, USAID and its FTF partner agencies are limited in their ability to use performance data to assess the initiative’s progress because they have not set FTF-wide performance goals and few FTF indicators fully meet two key attributes of successful performance indicators. Specifically, […]