THINK you are making the healthiest choices in your weekly shop? Then think again. Slimmers’ favourite Diet Coke will not help you lose weight, said the World Health Organisation this week. 10 We reveal the so-called healthy options that can be bad for youCredit: Shutterstock In fact, replacing sugar with sweeteners could cause Type 2 diabetes or heart disease over time. Francesco Branca, one of WHO’s directors, said: “People need to consider other ways, such as consuming food with naturally […]

A recent picture of The World Artisan Market (Photo provided by EJ Stevens) Aug. 26, 2021 By Michael Dorgan The real estate developer behind an upcoming food and beverage hall in Astoria has announced that two additional restaurants will open at the venue. A Colombian restaurant called Arepa Lady and a vegan restaurant named Urban Vegan Roots are the latest tenants set to be housed at The World Artisan Market, a repurposed warehouse located at 34-39 31st St. The market […]