For a cool-weather meal that feeds a crowd, consider a braise. Slow simmered and deeply flavored, it has a number of attractive qualities. For one thing, it benefits from steeping in its own juices; cooking it several hours ahead of serving, even a day before, is ideal. The flavors intensify, mature, strengthen. The best braising cuts include beef chuck, lamb shoulder or pork shoulder. But chicken is the easiest to braise, since it takes less time to cook than red […]

How one can be humble, smart, and intelligent at the same time? Well, meet Bikash Chetry. He is a young YouTuber who is making storms on the internet with his fantastic vlogs. Bikash has a perfect ingredient to be a viral hit on YouTube.  Amidst the countless video creators on YouTube, Bikash has created his uniqueness with his greeting style. Being an Assamese and a proud Indian, Bikash starts his videos greeting people with a unique line “Hi, Hello Namaskar”. His […]

I don’t know about you, but trying to merge my love of cooking with the dietary whims of young children can feel like a feat. And at the end of a busy school or work day, who wants to be jumping hurdles in the kitchen? Not me! That’s why we’re rounding up a month’s worth of quick, easy and delicious meals that won’t completely neglect our nutritious hopes and dreams (I’m looking at you, frozen dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets!). Choose from […]

Trisha Yearwood is someone who needs no introduction. In addition to being a three-time Grammy Award winner, she’s also an Emmy Award winner for her beloved cooking show. The 17th season of “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen” is now airing on Food Network. Yearwood’s latest project is “Trisha’s Kitchen,” a brand-new cookbook of 125 comfort food recipes that includes family stories and photographs. When I found out that I’d have the honor of interviewing her, I was ready. As a student of her music, I felt as though I’d secretly […]

Start your day with LAist Sign up for the Morning Brief, delivered weekdays. The first flavor of ice cream I remember loving was Swiss Orange Chip — an intense milk chocolate ice cream infused with a slightly bitter orange flavor and dotted with flakes of dark chocolate. I was four or five years old when I tried it. My tiny mind was blown. The dark chocolate was a revelation, forever relegating milk chocolate to second-tier status. And chocolate-orange remains one […]