The Zacks Food – Meat Products industry players have been leveraging the increased consumer interest in protein due to a rising focus on health. The upswing in demand for plant-based meat substitutes has also driven these companies to expand their presence in this market. To achieve this, they have been concentrating on innovation and enhancing their production capacities, which has yielded positive results. While worries about input cost inflation continue, the initiatives to expand capacity and implement effective pricing strategies […]

One of the biggest obstacles to the uptake of plant-based alternatives to meat is their very dry and astringent feel when they are eaten.  Scientists, led by professor Anwesha Sarkar at the University of Leeds, are revolutionizing the sensation of plant proteins, transforming them from a substance that can be experienced as gloopy and dry to one that is juicy and fat like. Subscribe to our free Food Science Tools & Techniques newsletter. And the only substance they are adding […]

When the Skeptical Cardiologist was coaching as a cardiologist in the late 1980s there have been two (unproven) concepts that experienced emerged from epidemiological research that I accepted as tested. The 1st was that intake of saturated fatty acids (SFAs) of any kind and in any foodstuff improved the threat of atherosclerotic cardiovascular condition (ASCVD). The next was that intake of meat amplified the threat of cardiovascular disease and that the greater the SFA information of the meat, the increased […]

International Meatless Day is celebrated on November 25. It is also known as International Vegetarian Day. The special day was proposed on 25 November 1986, the birthday of Sadhu Vaswani, the educationist who initiated a mission to adopt vegetarian living. It is estimated there are 50 to 68 million vegetarians in China, and the number is growing every year. In Shanghai alone, there are 298 registered vegetarian restaurants on the, a restaurant review app. There is a long history […]

Stockholm, Sweden — Among animal protein foods, low-fat dairy consumption may minimize the risk of developing type 2 diabetes while red meat raises that risk, a new analysis finds. “A plant-based dietary pattern with limited intake of meat, moderate intake of fish, eggs, and full-fat dairy, and habitual consumption of yogurt, milk, or low-fat dairy, might represent the most feasible, sustainable, and successful population strategy to optimize the prevention of type 2 diabetes,” lead author Annalisa Giosuè, MD, of the University of […]

Following successful rollouts at Kroger and Target, the nation’s fastest growing shelf-stable baby and toddler food brand expands into Walmart to drive conventional sales with high-quality, low sugar pouches and Grain-Free Puffs priced at double the current traditional brands cost  AUSTIN, Texas, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Serenity Kids, the nation’s leading shelf-stable baby and toddler food brand, further expands retailer footprint into conventional as the first to launch ethically sourced meat-based baby food varieties and Grain-Free Puffs into 890 […]

As we cheer on Team USA in the 2022 games, chef, restauranteur and Beijing native Shirley Chung is joining TODAY Food to share some of her favorite ways to prepare dishes traditional to China’s capital. The Ms. Chi Cafe owner and author of “Chinese Heritage Cooking from my American Kitchen,” takes us on a journey through her childhood with dishes like grilled lamb skewers and Beijing meat pies. Both are filled with memories and aromas that will transport home cooks […]

Dive Brief: Cell-based meat company Vow is partnering with Nourish Ingredients, a company that makes animal fats through precision fermentation. The two Australian companies will blend their products together, adding fats to cell-based meat so the end product more accurately reflects the taste and mouthfeel of meat from an animal. Vow co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Tim Noakesmith said in a written statement that fat is “part of what makes meat irresistible,” and it has been missing from many alternative proteins. “We’re […]