The food and beverage industry is evolving, but what trends will shape the sector in the next 12 months? Find out New Food’s trend predictions here… It’s the start of a new year which, for New Food, means looking ahead to the next twelve months and predicting what trends will dominate the food and beverage industry in 2024. This year, New Food’s Grace Galler has called on various members of the New Food Advisory Board who have been keeping their […]

People often use low carb diets to promote weight loss and stabilize blood sugar levels. Though guidelines can vary, low carb diets typically limit foods high in carbs or added sugar. A low carb diet restricts carbohydrates, such as those found in pasta, bread, and sugary foods. It’s high in protein, fat, and vegetables. There are many different types of low carb diets. This is a detailed meal plan for a low carb diet. It explains what to eat and […]

Photograph: Shutterstock Pink foodstuff are trending on menus, but they’re doing much more than wanting pretty on the plate. That rosy color is a indication of balanced antioxidants. The pink development is one of 7 predicted by Cafe Business’ sister firm, Technomic, in its U.S. development whitepaper launched previous 7 days, “What We Foresee for 2023.” According to Lizzy Freier, Technomic’s director of Menu Research & Insights, “this joyful, photogenic color for foodstuff and consume also denotes antioxidant-loaded well being […]

Are we even talking about a festival if we don’t mention food? Festive occasions anywhere around the world seem incomplete without good food. A wholesome menu has the power to lift everyone’s mood. Also, we tend to look for easy-peasy snack ideas for our menus. Don’t we? And, with the festival of Holi just days away we have curated a list of about five finger foods that would certainly gift you with maximum taste in minimum ingredients. You can pair […]

(NEXSTAR) – From Oreo wine to Reese’s “pie” and mac and cheese-flavored desserts, 2021 saw a lot of strange new foods and food combinations. Here’s a menu of just some of the gastronomic, er, creations of the past year: Beverages This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Bloody Mary, but apparently we needed new alcohol with crazier ingredients to deal with the pandemic. Potato-flavored alcohol led the way. Lay’s potato chip flavored vodka Lay’s potato chips are well-known to […]

In the post-pandemic era, health is no longer a second option but one of the major priorities for people. Healthcare expenses are not being spared and individuals are consciously switching to a healthy diet and lifestyle. The diet that we consume on a daily basis has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. Many restaurants and eateries are now trying to incorporate healthy options into their regular menus. Fast-food giant McDonald’s is also aiming to cater to health-conscious […]

Photo: Cindy Ord / Staff (Getty Images) Every fast-food employee’s dream: Customers coming in and asking for elaborate items that can’t be found on the established, plebeian menu. This week, the website #HackTheMenu is getting renewed attention as a self-proclaimed one-stop resource for finding so-called “secret menu” items from all your favorite fast-food chains. #HackTheMenu ​​isn’t a new website; we covered the secret menu resource back in 2014, but the recent buzz is thanks to the forefront of digital journalism: […]

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — School lunch has a bad reputation.  “There’s a perception that the food is not good and that it’s not cool to eat school lunch,” registered dietitian Brittany Garcia said.  Garcia is the nutritional coordinator for the Flour Bluff Independent School District. She takes pictures of the school’s daily menu and posts them on social media. “Steak fingers, broccoli, mashed potatoes, apple sauce and a roll,” she said. She wanted to take the extra step in making […]