Retailers have already made their big stock bets for Christmas, and the coming weeks will reveal customers’ appetites for the big day. Speciality Food delves into the data to see what the latest research reveals about purchasing behaviours. ‘Festive feeling’ expected to boost sales With inflation and the cost-of-living crisis still in the headlines, it won’t be a surprise to retailers that just over half, or 51%, of customers say they plan to keep a stricter budget this Christmas due […]

This regular publication by DLA Piper lawyers focuses on helping clients navigate the ever-changing business, legal and regulatory landscape. IMF: fragmented commodities markets threaten food security and the green transition. The international Monetary Fund is warning that fragmented commodities markets are threatening world food security – and also may raise the price of clean energy. In a section of its World Economic Outlook released on October 3, the IMF said the threat is driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and […]

This regular publication by DLA Piper lawyers focuses on helping clients navigate the ever-changing business, legal and regulatory landscape. HHS to DEA: reclassify marijuana to Schedule III. In a non-public letter sent earlier this week, the US Department of Health and Human Services recommended to the US Drug Enforcement Administration that marijuana be re-classified under the Controlled Substances Act from Schedule I to Schedule III. The recommendation is a step towards changing the legal status of marijuana, which was originally […]

August 2023 Print this issue A Closer Look at What You Eat Food provides energy and nutrients that are essential for your health. These include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (called macronutrients), and vitamins and minerals (called micronutrients). Having a balanced diet helps ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans offer guidance on what a balanced diet looks like. […]

WEST LAFAYETTE (AP) — Purdue’s May Consumer Food Insights observed food spending at its highest level since the report’s inception, with consumers spending six to seven percent more on food now than they were a year ago. The survey assesses food spending, consumer satisfaction and values, support of agricultural and food policies, and trust in information sources. The report also tracked an uptick in food insecurity rates. Some highlights of the insights include Food insecurity being up to 16 percent but […]

ATLANTIC BEACH – The flavors of the world collided Saturday as the International Food Festival turned the Atlantic Beach Circle into a vibrant global hub, complete with diverse cuisine and a melting pot of musical performances. The event, which took place from noon to 8 p.m., offered visitors a chance to savor a mouthwatering assortment of delicacies and desserts representing dishes from Lebanon, South America, Norway, Mexico, the United States, Poland, Italy, France and Belgium. One patron, Sarah Barr, said […]

Consume far more veggies, fruits and total grains Limit fats-no cost or small-fat dairy products and solutions Reasonable usage of fish, poultry, beans and nuts Restrict or keep away from highly saturated fats these kinds of as meats and dairy merchandise InvestigateStart out your healthful ingesting journey with these 5 methods Flexitarian The Flexitarian Food plan is a mix of flexible and vegetarian. This diet doesn’t have to have you to axe the meat right away alternatively it focuses on […]

For speedy release: December 14, 2022 Boston, MA – Inadequate pollination has led to a 3-5% decline of fruit, vegetable, and nut manufacturing and an approximated 427,000 extra deaths per year from misplaced balanced foodstuff use and associated disorders, like heart condition, stroke, diabetic issues, and particular cancers, according to research led by Harvard T.H. Chan Faculty of Public Overall health. It is the very first study to quantify the human overall health toll of inadequate wild (animal) pollinators on human […]

In April, Kimberly Hart made a resolution to lose some weight on the advice of her doctor. Hart, who is 61 and lives in New Haven, Connecticut, has high blood pressure and cholesterol. These factors, combined with her age and weight, put her at an elevated risk for developing diabetes, and she wanted to do whatever she could to prevent that from happening. One element within her control, Hart thought at the time, was her diet. She started seeing a […]

CHICAGO — Watch out, ketchup, mustard and mayo. During the pandemic, consumers learned how to manipulate food flavors and textures to meet their preferences, and there’s no going back. Now, condiment formulators are exploring all types of mashups, including unique carriers, global fusions and varied consistencies, all intended to wow consumers. “People want more and bolder flavors, and condiments are great delivery vehicles for new experiences,” said Ryan Kukuruzovic, corporate chef, Wixon, Saint Francis, Wis. That’s what the Kraft Heinz Co., […]