The Zacks Food – Meat Products industry players have been leveraging the increased consumer interest in protein due to a rising focus on health. The upswing in demand for plant-based meat substitutes has also driven these companies to expand their presence in this market. To achieve this, they have been concentrating on innovation and enhancing their production capacities, which has yielded positive results. While worries about input cost inflation continue, the initiatives to expand capacity and implement effective pricing strategies […]

The November 2022 food trends feature many Halloween-inspired releases and marketing campaigns—from the ghoulish Halloween cake toppers by TOUS les JOURS to the Jack-o’-lantern pizzas at Happy Joe’s. The round-up also features innovative flavors, health-focused pivots, and playful branding strategies, as well. Reese’s Puffs, for example, joins luxury streetwear imprint AMBUSH for a special limited-edition cereal box with a galactic theme. The Baby Dalgona Kit Maker, launched by BT21 (the brand for the popular K-pop band BTS), makes it easier […]

McDonald’s Australia’ 30-Days-30-Deals are returning in November and bringing significant savings on a number of its menu staples. Mark your calendars now and take advantage of some fantastic fast-food deals at the well-known burger joint all month long. Not much of an excuse is needed for us to go on a McDonald’s run. However, we believe we would be failing ourselves if we didn’t indulge in its excellent meals now that there is a large financial incentive. In addition to meal […]

FAO Food items Selling price Index is now only .3 percent higher than a 12 months previously 02/12/2022 Rome – The measure of improvements in entire world meals commodity costs remained mostly continuous in November, with declining global price ranges of cereals, meat and dairy items offsetting escalating quotations for vegetable oils and sugar, the Food and Agriculture Group of the United Nations (FAO) reported Friday.The FAO Food items Price Index, which tracks regular adjustments in the intercontinental charges of […]