Comment on this storyComment Next time you feel like starting a fight, mention calories. And that, in order to lose weight, you have to burn more of them than you absorb. I did that last month, and the responses tended to fall into one of three categories: 1. Duh! Captain Obvious is a Washington Post columnist! To those folks, I suggest they read the comments and the social media commentary, and they will find many people with the second objection: […]

During the pandemic, nucleic acid testing booths in Chinese cities were primarily focused on maintaining physical distance. Now, empty booths are being repurposed to bring people together, serving as new spaces to serve the community and promote social engagement. Just months ago, nucleic acid testing booths were the most lively spots of some Chinese cities. During the 2022 Shanghai summer, for example, there were massive queues in front of the city’s nucleic acid booths, as people needed a negative PCR […]

Instagram is filled with pages of food bloggers who travel in different parts of the world to capture people making various kinds of foods. From people making unique dishes to recreating known dishes in different ways, there are varied videos that are regularly shared on Instagram. One such video shared by food blogger Rekib Alam has left people irked. The video shows a man preparing dosa in an usual way. The clip has prompted netizens to say that the man’s […]

Sweet Home lined up to greet and eat at a newly opened Taco Bell on Thursday, Dec. 29, the sixth major fast-food restaurant for the population on the verge of 10,000 people. Errolyn Bauer said she’d seen a Taco Bell before. “Oh, yeah — all over California. In Lebanon,” Bauer said. But the cheap burrito faithful now can drive from Blodgett, in western Benton County, to Cascadia in the Cascade foothills on Highway 20 without being more than 20 minutes […]

Food insecurity has been rising since 2018. Even before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the increasing frequency and severity of climate shocks, regional conflicts and the pandemic were all taking their toll, disrupting food production and distribution, and driving up the cost of feeding people and families. The situation took an even more dramatic turn with the war in Ukraine. This pushed the prices of food and fertilizers higher still—hurting importers and prompting several countries to impose export restrictions.The result is […]

For people with diabetes, monitoring carbohydrates often takes center stage when managing their diets. But that doesn’t mean that other macronutrients should be ignored — especially when it comes to how much and what kind of fat someone with diabetes eats. Diets containing a lot of saturated fat are associated with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, which are common comorbidities for diabetes. Understanding the different kinds of fats in foods and their effects on blood sugars is […]

Chicken is rich in nutrients and protein and low in calories, making it ideal for people with diabetes trying to maintain a moderate weight and stay full for longer. Many people with diabetes aim to eat more healthily by eating protein-rich food. This makes chicken an ideal diet for diabetes as it is high in protein. Chicken also has other health benefits and contains minerals and nutrients that promote muscle, bone, and immunity health. Read on for chicken health benefits, […]

Kunal Kapur took to Instagram to share is relatable ‘food shayari’ that prompted people to share theirs. Chef Kunal Kapur’s latest post on Instagram is creating quite a buzz, especially among the foodies. In the post, he gave a twist to a popular Hindi song to come up with a poem that also mentions fries. There is a chance that you will relate to the post just like others. “Isn’t this #motivation for all foodies?” he wrote. In the next […]

Photograph by Emma Fishman For the aunt with the fake orchids Help her do better. Gift her a dried arrangement in one of these sculptural papier mâche vessels made from recycled paper. They’ll last just as long as fake flowers but are a serious home decor upgrade. Serax Papier Mâche Vessels For the friend who is celebrating minimalism’s demise If you know someone (me) who is done with white-on-cream-on-white, these napkins from Kenyan brand Siafu Home are anything but beige. […]

This article is part of Stories of Change, a series of inspirational articles of the people who deliver evidence-based programs and strategies that empower communities to eat healthy and move more. It is made possible with funding from Michigan Fitness Foundation. While many farmers markets draw people to their location to buy local fresh fruits and vegetables, Amy St. Germain takes the farmers market to the people. As a Farmers Market Food Navigator (FMFN), St. Germain works Thursdays at the Muskegon […]