new hen sandwiches Bear in mind the superior aged times when fast food stuff menus all over the place had been acquiring pelted with chicken sandwiches? We struggled to continue to keep up with all the new offerings, conducting a lot of flavor tests, and at the stop of 2021, we concluded we’d like to see less of them hit the sector in 2022. On the other hand, it is now 2023, and if you’ve seen, there is been no […]

Right now the dominating force in the fast food universe is the breakfast menu. It’s like the Death Star or [insert your favorite nerdy MacGuffin here] of the fast food conversation! If you don’t pay as exhaustingly close attention to the scene as we do, you might not realize that just a decade ago few drive-thru restaurants had a breakfast menu that even came close to the size of McDonald’s, if they had one at all. But in 2021, we […]