A beautiful lady with a good body shape has been trending because men attracted to her became her customers A recent video showed her male customers at ease as they formed a circle while eating the food they bought Many social media users on TikTok who saw a short video of her wanted to know where her shop is located A beautiful and curvy lady, Celestina Etornam, who has been trending online for days with her food business has again […]

A hardworking Ghanaian food vendor with a curvy look has revealed that men travel long distances to buy from her Celestina Etornam, who sells gari and beans (‘gob3’) at Dansoman in Accra, said some customers travel from far to her because of her hourglass stature The hardworking lady who trended over the weekend recalled how she started small with limited capital in an interview with SVTV Africa A hardworking Ghanaian food vendor named Celestina Etornam trended over the weekend due […]