Ronald S. Lauder compiled recipes from Holocaust survivors into the newly-released cookbook, Honey … [+] Cake and Latkes Melcher Media, Inc. “Food and aroma instantly bring back memories. Sometimes, memory is all that is left of the people we loved dearly,” says Ronald S. Lauder. The son and heir of cosmetics industry scion Estée Lauder has released a collection of recipes from Auschwitz-Birkenau survivors and compiled them into a cookbook titled Honey Cakes and Latkes. “This book has memory. It […]

There’s something about swirling around the kitchen that makes you instantly channel your inner Gordon Ramsay. Because cooking is an adventure where a bit of creativity and, let’s face it, running out of key ingredients is usually the start of the mouth-watering creations that follow. Whether you’re a cooking newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s satisfying to take your gastronomic skills to the next level. One thing that can up your culinary game right away is an added bit of […]