McDonald’s has made no statement about the invasion. A company spokesman did not respond to questions about whether its restaurants in Russia were open, and how they are receiving supplies or handling payments. Global logistics and freight firms have halted shipments to Russia and access to critical international financial and payment systems is shut down in the country. Russia-Ukraine War: Key Things to Know Card 1 of 3 Protests in Russia. Amid antiwar rallies across Russia, the police said more […]

Support local journalism. A digital subscription is incredibly affordable and makes you the most informed person around. Click here and subscribe today. The brain is the body’s most vital organ. It commands everything from blinking to thinking, houses your memories and triggers emotions. Experts have discovered a lot about how the brain works. For example, we now know we can grow new  brain cells throughout life. Scientists have found nutrients in food can improve the structure of individual brain cells and improve the efficiency […]

A well-balanced diet along with regular exercise can go a long way. To have a healthy life, it is important to keep alcohol and smoking at bay.Also Read – 5 Healthy Ways to Improve Gut Health And Increase Immunity As per Fox News, there are a few superfoods that you can consume to live a long and healthy life. “As a dietitian, I’m always telling people to ‘eat the rainbow’ because all those different colours represent different nutrients that help […]

A clutch of fishing villages dot the coast near Kilifi, north of Mombasa in Kenya. The waters are home to parrot fish, octopus and other edible species. But despite living on the shores, the children in the villages rarely eat seafood. Their staple meal is ugali, maize (corn) flour mixed with water, and most of their nutrition comes from plants. Almost half the kids here have stunted growth — twice the national rate. In 2020, Lora Iannotti, a public-health researcher […]

Milk can stay safe to consume for several days past the expiration date. Expiration dates on food and drink products relate to their quality rather than their safety. Drinking spoiled milk can make people unwell, but it is typically easy to tell when milk is bad. There are many types of expiration dates on food and drink products, which can be confusing. Producers of milk typically pasteurize it to kill off bacteria before selling it. However, milk can still spoil […]