Fish is fresh and plentiful here in Seattle, and my family and I eat a lot of it at home. But the common complaints — it’s difficult to cook well (especially when distracted by an active household), it’s messy to handle, it can leave the house smelling for days — all ring true, even for someone who has cooked professionally for years. Steaming fish, as in the classic Cantonese dish 清蒸鱼, whole steamed fish, neatly solves these problems. When I […]

This and every summer, grill some chicken. With corn. With peaches. With tomatoes. With abandon! Or don’t: You can still evoke the flavors and smells of the season inside using the stovetop or the oven (or a store-bought rotisserie chicken, when it gets unbearably hot). Below is a sampling of some of the most flavorful summertime chicken recipes New York Times Cooking has to offer. Chicken thighs, corn and okra? All grilled to charred, tender perfection? That’s the kind of […]

Confident, feeding a loved ones is no joke, but have you attempted cooking for your self currently? It can be just as complicated (and challenging) to cook dinner up a quick, uncomplicated and, most important, mouth watering evening meal for a single or two. Cue the air fryer. Think of it as a much more room-productive convection oven that slashes the cooking time for comforting dishes like pork chops, roasted greens and even cheesecake. Lovers presently fully grasp its attractiveness, […]

Fast Food Prices Increased A Lot This YearJordan Siemens – Getty Images Fast food has long been known as a dining option that’s quick, convenient, and budget-friendly. But lately, that budget-friendly part is becoming less and less true thanks in part to inflation. As fast food prices have reportedly increased across the board, some chains have imposed even higher price hikes than others. Pricelisto, a website that provides “the most accurate and up-to-date menu prices,” recently unveiled new data analysis […]

I was invited to a collaging party at a friend’s house recently. Crafting of any kind is pretty new to me, but I fell hard for the process of riffling through piles of magazines, old picture books, discarded catalogs and stacks of textured, printed papers. My contribution was a bunch of pressed autumn leaves and — no surprise — some snacks and beverages to sustain us while we snipped and chatted. I mention this because December, which starts tomorrow, is […]

It arrived just in time for a major heat wave: a big project devoted to simple salads, with 20 recipes from New York Times Cooking that capture all that is fresh and fragrant and vibrant in summer. These are what you make for dinner when you can’t fathom turning on the oven, and you pair it with an icy cold drink. You’ll see a few of the salad recipes below are from Genevieve Ko, the extraordinary editor and writer who […]

If Jan. 1 didn’t feel like quite the annual reset you were hoping for, you can celebrate now by cooking for the Lunar New Year. For this Year of the Tiger, it begins on Feb. 1, and the inaugural feast commences the night before. In China and other Asian countries that recognize the holiday, such as Singapore, Vietnam and South Korea, the festivities can last for two weeks, and the foods often symbolize promises for a better year ahead. But […]

The other day, my younger daughter, who is not quite 2, was given a piece of homemade blueberry pie. She screamed in agony. How dare someone offer her pie! As of now, my children are both picky and mercurial about food, a terrible combination. This is very annoying, and very common: One of the questions I get asked most often through this newsletter is what to feed kids who won’t eat anything. (Another one: what to pack for school lunches. […]

I’m off next week — my wonderful colleague Margaux Laskey will be writing to you instead — and as I chose recipes for you below, I realized that this was my last newsletter of the summer, and that there are so many more recipes I wanted to share before it’s over. (Yes, summer technically ends in late September, but emotionally it ends on Labor Day.) It’s not like these recipes expire next month, but to me, they sing of summer […]

Chicken is easily the most searched for ingredient on New York Times Cooking, and it stands to reason: It’s economical, it’s widely available, it’s better for the climate than other meats. And it’s endlessly adaptable, a blank canvas for all sorts of preparations and vibrant, delicious seasonings. In the cold weather months, that means cozy soups, braises and burnished roasts. But in the summer, grilling becomes the method of choice, as it gets you out of a hot kitchen, and […]