Judging someone (or yourself) based on how they eat is also incredibly reductive, Lampert says. Whether or not you choose the salad, sandwich, or pasta dish has no bearing on your worth as a person. “Viewing food as good or bad tends to create shame and guilt towards consuming certain foods,” Wengler says. But, despite what diet gurus may say, you’re so much more than what you eat. In fact, fixating on eating a certain way, or beating yourself up […]

According to new research from the University of Vermont, the most popular TikTok content related to food, nutrition, and weight fosters a harmful diet culture among teens and young adults, while professional voices are largely absent from the conversation. The study, which was just published in PLOS One, found that TikTok is largely dominated by weight-normative messaging or the notion that a person’s weight is the most significant indicator of their health. The most popular videos on TikTok glorify weight […]