GloRilla’s rise to fame has been meteoric and it wasn’t too long ago the budding Memphis rapper was working a normal 9-5. Recently, video has surfaced of the “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” rapper working at the drive-thru at Checkers. On Tuesday (Nov. 29), TikTok user primeape09 shared a throwback video of Glo on Instagram Live while taking orders at the fast-food restaurant. The video begins with her joking with the people watching her Live, initially mocking one person for asking for free […]

A beautiful lady with a good body shape has been trending because men attracted to her became her customers A recent video showed her male customers at ease as they formed a circle while eating the food they bought Many social media users on TikTok who saw a short video of her wanted to know where her shop is located A beautiful and curvy lady, Celestina Etornam, who has been trending online for days with her food business has again […]

A hardworking Ghanaian food vendor with a curvy look has revealed that men travel long distances to buy from her Celestina Etornam, who sells gari and beans (‘gob3’) at Dansoman in Accra, said some customers travel from far to her because of her hourglass stature The hardworking lady who trended over the weekend recalled how she started small with limited capital in an interview with SVTV Africa A hardworking Ghanaian food vendor named Celestina Etornam trended over the weekend due […]

When it comes to chips, burgers, pizza or momos – these foods will have plenty of takers among children. But can healthy fruits and vegetables find the same level of enthusiasm? New parents would agree that feeding small children healthy food can be a huge task. There are plenty of innovative techniques that parents use to disguise fresh fruits and vegetables as something delicious. If you can resonate with this struggle, we have found the ultimate video for you. In […]

Bizarre food experiments are not new on social media. There have been hundreds of strange food fusions, mostly by roadside vendors, that may not seem palatable to a lot of netizens. However, there are still some people brave enough to try dishes like mango Maggi or rasgulla chaat. The latest addition to the list is ‘chocolate pakode’. A video of a woman making fritters out of chocolate was posted on Instagram and it is going viral. She is seen opening […]

Los Angeles Unified School District allegedly promoted an odd video on social media about “food neutrality,” food choices and health, obviously marketed at children. In the video, which is like something out of the freaky Willy Wonka movie with Johnny Depp, bizarre women claim “food choices are based on a false standard of health.” A very large African American woman says “we are incorrectly taught from a young age that our size and therefore the foods that we eat are […]

The video involving the pet cat ‘hiding’ its food was posted on Instagram. If you are familiar with cats and kittens, then you may know that their antics often make for the best of videos. And exactly that kind of a moment has been showcased in this video that was shared on Instagram page Cats of Instagram. There is a chance that this video will make you laugh out loud at how this cat thinks that ‘hiding’ its food will […]

In the now-viral video, a young Russian soldier can be seen sipping some tea and consuming bread as he tries to calm himself down Screengrab from the video. Credit: Twitter/@ChristopherJM Amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a heart-warming video is currently making headlines, showcasing how people are coming out to help each other in times of need, irrespective of the animosity between their countries. The clip shows Ukrainian citizens providing food to a Russian soldier amid the war around them. This heart-warming […]

Maggi and golgappe are probably two of the most loved dishes for any Indian. However, no one really saw the instant noodles finding its way into the street food as a filling. Sadly, this too has become a reality, and a video of it is going viral, leaving netizens feeling squeamish online. As there is no dearth of food experiments online, leading to mostly disastrous outcomes. As Maggi-pani puri joins the trend, foodies took to social media to share their […]

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor retweeted IAS officer Supriya Sahu’s tweet promoting eco-friendly products and urged the Central government to provide incentives to ramp up their production. “This applies across the country and not just TN. Various such innovations are in the works that would replace plastics with recyclable, bio-degradable materials. GoI needs to provide incentives to scale up production of such eco-friendly alternatives for daily use,” tweeted Tharoor. The video featured food containers made out of rice bran. Glass tumblers […]