You likely know the basic principle of Slimming World – the popular weight loss program which was founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. In its simplest format, it’s a structured nutrition plan that supports members through fat loss by encouraging members to make healthier food choices, with weekly meetings and weigh-ins. In the last 50 years, they’ve held thousands of weekly groups across the UK and supported tens of millions of people in eating more healthily by tracking their ‘Slimming […]

Emily Russell was working at an Ohio Chipotle when an angry customer, Rosemary Hayne, violently hurled a hot bowl of food in her face — an attack that was caught on video. Now, Hayne, who was found guilty last week of assault, has agreed to work in a fast-food restaurant to avoid jail time.  “Do you want to walk in [Russell’s] shoes for two months and learn how people should treat people, or do you want to do your jail […]

Comment on this storyComment Next time you feel like starting a fight, mention calories. And that, in order to lose weight, you have to burn more of them than you absorb. I did that last month, and the responses tended to fall into one of three categories: 1. Duh! Captain Obvious is a Washington Post columnist! To those folks, I suggest they read the comments and the social media commentary, and they will find many people with the second objection: […]

GloRilla’s rise to fame has been meteoric and it wasn’t too long ago the budding Memphis rapper was working a normal 9-5. Recently, video has surfaced of the “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” rapper working at the drive-thru at Checkers. On Tuesday (Nov. 29), TikTok user primeape09 shared a throwback video of Glo on Instagram Live while taking orders at the fast-food restaurant. The video begins with her joking with the people watching her Live, initially mocking one person for asking for free […]

Food combining — or pairing specific types of foods together during meals — is a common practice that is believed to be associated with a variety of health benefits. Some variations, including the Ayurvedic practice of food combining, provide strict rules and regulations about which foods should be eaten together and which should be avoided. Conversely, other variations of food combining are flexible, easy to follow, and may even be supported by science. This article will take a closer look […]

A Norwegian agency has pledged almost $2.75 million to support food safety in developing countries. The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) funding covers 2021 to 2023 and is for the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF). Norad is part of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The STDF is managed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The money will be used to improve the capacity of developing and least-developed countries (LDCs) to comply with international food safety standards, and increase […]

The Codex Alimentarius Commission agreed on a range of standards but had to delay adoption of the final report after running out of time during its latest meeting. The Commission met online in November across several days and involved more than 800 participants. Members of the international food standards-setting body approved a number of standards, guidelines and codes of practice. They also elected Steve Wearne, director of global affairs at the Food Standards Agency, as the new chairperson of the Commission. Allan […]

The privately-held Baton Rouge, La.-based company has a total of 750 corporate employees, 500 in its Dallas office. Of those, 250 will be going in the field as front-line employees. Another 250 who work as marketers and trainers will shift to restaurant and recruiting jobs. The employees will be housed in hotels for one to two weeks at company expense. Other corporate employees will be working to recruit more workers or will work in one of the company’s more than […]

Trade barriers to U.S. specialty crop exports can be complex, and the U.S. government’s response is generally formulated within an interagency context. USDA representatives abroad often receive information on pending regulations before those measures are formally notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for international public consultation. USDA and other relevant agencies can then engage with trading partners on proposed regulations at an early stage. FAS leads an interagency review process to provide formal comments on certain measures notified by […]