It seems like everybody is experimenting with elimination diets these days. From gluten-free to no-carb options, the dairy-free diet is another eating pattern where it can be difficult to separate fact from fad.  Yet scientific evidence suggests dairy can cause adverse health effects like inflammation – especially if you have a sensitivity or intolerance. Not to mention, it’s been linked to acne and digestive issues too.  So is going dairy-free just another flash in the pan or a genuine development […]

SAN ANTONIO – A local nonprofit is working with schools across the city to create gardens and teach kids about healthy eating and the science of gardening. “Most kids are used to going to the grocery store to get their food and they have no idea that most of the produce they buy comes off a plant,” Ashton Ellis, the garden teacher at Gardopia Gardens said. Gardopia Gardens was founded in 2015 and works with different groups across the city, […]

Volunteers at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Gastonia were a well oiled machine Sunday afternoon as they worked to feed the hungry around the world. Volunteers in hairnets gathered around a table, as the process began of stuffing clear plastic bags with a pack of vitamins, dehydrated soy protein, dehydrated veggies and a scoop of rice.  Bags were then pushed forward to others to weigh, seal, and then pack up. The bags of food help support Rise Against Hunger, an international […]