This street food stall in Ahmedabad sells ‘Oreo pakoda’ and netizens are not pleased

Not too long ago, netizens were turned off by a viral video that showed how to cook ‘Oreo Maggi’. Now, when a video of ‘Oreo pakoda’ being made at a food stall in Ahmedabad surfaced online, netizens couldn’t stomach this either.

The clip was shared on the popular YouTube channel, ‘Foodie Incarnate’, run by food vlogger Amar Sirohi. Interestingly, the food vlogger himself was shocked by the bizarre recipe.

According to the video posted by Sirohi, which has garnered over 89,000 views, the dish is served in Ahmedabad and is quite popular among the locals, especially children. “There is oreo in this pakoda. You don’t believe me? Here, take a look at this one,” the food blogger can be heard saying in the clip as he tears open the oreo-filled fritter.

Watch the video here:

The camera then pans to a stall in Ahemdabad by the name of “Rokadiya Bhajiya” where the dish is being served. In the 3.27-minute clip, the food vlogger shows the “oreo biscuit pakoda” is being made and served. After buying a plate, he then goes on to taste the dish before sharing his review.

Once posted online, it did not take long for the video to go viral and trigger an avalanche of reactions. While many were repulsed by the bizarre food combination, others were amused by the use of oreo biscuits and joked about it being added to biryani.

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