Top 100 Food Trends in December

From liqueur-infused ice creams to cranberry-studded turkey burgers, the December 2023 food trends are chocked full of festive holiday offerings.

While the holidays is usually a time for cakes, cookies, and other baked goods, the December 2023 food trends features some more unexpected seasonal dessert offerings. For instance, Carte D’Or Baileys ice cream just debuted in the U.K., putting a frozen twist on the namesake liqueur that’s a staple of the holiday season. Another unique offering is Compartés’ Sweet Potato Marshmallow Gourmet Chocolate Bar, which transforms a classic Thanksgiving side dish into a snackable piece of chocolate.

Of course, it’s not just sweet offerings that dominate the holiday season. Some of the more unexpected savory innovations in the December 2023 food trends roundup include, PC’s Holiday Feast Turkey Stuffing Burgers, 7Eleven’s $6 Thanksgiving Pizzas, and Bumble Bee Seafoods’ Tuna Lovers’ Advent Calendar.

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