Top 100 Food Trends in November

The November 2022 food trends feature many Halloween-inspired releases and marketing campaigns—from the ghoulish Halloween cake toppers by TOUS les JOURS to the Jack-o’-lantern pizzas at Happy Joe’s. The round-up also features innovative flavors, health-focused pivots, and playful branding strategies, as well.

Reese’s Puffs, for example, joins luxury streetwear imprint AMBUSH for a special limited-edition cereal box with a galactic theme. The Baby Dalgona Kit Maker, launched by BT21 (the brand for the popular K-pop band BTS), makes it easier for individuals to effortlessly make popular Korean treats. In a similar vein, Omsom’s IYKYK Shaker Set aims to reimagine the classic salt & pepper pairing with MSG.

The November 2022 food round-up also calls attention to brands like Awake Chocolate which are updating their ranges to be more health-focused and KETO-friendly.

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