BTS boys need to introduction. And while it’s known to most that the boys always cherish good times together and are fond of trying out various significant dishes from a particular country, here’s when the maknae of the group were caught enjoying a Mexican dish Chipotle, but he mispronounced it calling it Chicotle. 

Now, the BTS fans find it too cute to handle, and are making it all a trend on Twitter, as the Mexican food chain, also a fan of Jungkook changed their Twitter name Chicotle. One even wrote, “IF JUNGKOOK SAID ITS CHICOTLE THEN ITS CHICOTLE THAT’S IT”

Another fanpage wrote, “Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) changed their DN (display name) to “Chicotle” following the latest Bangtan B0mb, ‘Lunch Time with Chipotle’” 

Here take a look at the tweets-

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