Unfazed by a massive fire, guests enjoy wedding feast. Watch

When it comes to big fat Indian weddings, there’s nothing that can stop people from enjoying every moment, not even a fire. Recently, a massive fire broke out at a wedding in Maharashtra but unperturbed by the flames, guests kept on eating. Now, video of the incident has left netizens baffled online.

In a video breaking the internet, a group of men are seen sitting at a table, enjoying the sumptuous meal. They occasionally turn their heads to catch a glimpse of the raging flames in distance. While a few are seen going towards the fire to check it out, most didn’t leave their seats.

Watch video here:

The fire took place at the Ansari Marriage open hall at Bhiwandi on Sunday night at around 10:30 pm. The flame started at a in a pandal of the ground near Khandu pada, which left eight two-wheelers completely charred. While locals tried to put out the fire, it took three fire vehicles to douse the flames. The fire was put out at around 12am on Monday by the fire brigade.

Although there was no casualty, the two wheelers parked in the premised were engulfed in the fire. The video left many in disbelieve, while others opined it’s good they didn’t panic as chaos in that situation wouldn’t help much.

[With inputs from ENS, Mumbai]

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